The Surprising Health Benefits a Landscape Designer Can Bring to Your Minnesota Home

By Rachel Attias 

It's no secret that nature has an incredible healing power. Just think about the rejuvenated feeling you get after a hike, a bike ride, a relaxing walk in the woods or even just spending some time sitting outside and observing your surroundings. We often turn to nature when we feel stressed or anxious, and it never fails to lighten our spirits.

A desire for a strong connection with nature is innate in all humans. The American biologist and writer E.O. Wilson created the term Biophilia. He defined this idea as “the connections that human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life.” We are connected to all living things, and strengthening these connections by cultivating our natural environment also allows us to strengthen ourselves.

The Science Behind the Nature & Wellbeing Connection

There is plenty of scientific evidence out there about the long and short term health benefits of engaging with nature, and in fact specific plants can be used to target all sorts of different ailments or needs. For example, a person suffering from asthma can find almost instant relief when surrounded by trees that help to clean the air.

Heart disease, which is the number one cause of death in adults in the United States, can be greatly alleviated through spending time in nature. Studies show that exercising outdoors, as opposed to inside or in an urban location, have markedly more beneficial effects for people with heart disease or respiratory issues. People who regularly engage in green exercise have lower blood pressure, higher self esteem, and a lighter mood than their counterparts who exercise indoors.

A relationship with nature can also help children diagnosed with ADD/ADHD or are on the Autism Spectrum. Children with ADD/ADHD often concentrate better and stay focused for longer when they work outside. Studies also show that playing outdoors can significantly alleviate the symptoms of children with autism. Spending time outdoors, in beautiful natural spaces is beneficial for both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Harnessing the Power of Nature Through Landscape Design

Through the art of landscape design we can not only harness the healing powers of nature, but we can also create visually stunning spaces that calm the mind, heal the body, and please the senses. The Corduroy Studio is committed to bringing the healing powers of nature to your yard and daily life through conscientious and holistic landscape design.

The Corduroy Studio founder, landscape designer Adam Newton, creates designs that transform your yard into a Micro Estate®. Newton's Micro Estates® and Proud Gardens are visually stunning landscapes that work with the natural blueprint presented by your particular yard, and also take into account your health and wellbeing to create a space that works for both your mind and your body. The Corduroy Studio understands that we are complex beings, and our bodies and minds work together and are often ground down by daily life. With this in mind, we design and implement landscapes that work holistically, enhancing your well-being and decreasing your stress with every breath of fresh air.

Micro Estates® redefine our way of living by allowing us to truly live comfortably and in unison with nature. With an elegantly designed landscape in your yard, you can walk out your front door and be transported to a stunning natural world that is also healing you holistically with every moment you enjoy it. Bring a book, a cup of tea, or your yoga mat outside, watch your children play among the flowers, trees and plants, and relax into the knowledge that your Micro Estate® is bringing the healing energies of nature to your home.

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