The Corduroy Blog Asks, Can You Print a House Using a 3D Printer?

We've all heard of the wonders of 3D printers. They have the capability to help us solve really challenging design problems on a scaled down level, partially because of the amount of time saved creating architectural models. 

The benefits of 3D printing for architect and designers are many, including the ability to quickly edit and reproduce 3D designs, and digitally storing them for future production.

So, Can You Print a House Using a 3D Printer? 

We asked, and then we found Apis Cor. 

They are the first company to develop a mobile construction 3D printer that is capable of printing whole buildings completely on-site. 
Also they are people. Engineers, managers, builders and inventors sharing one common idea – to change the construction industry so that millions of people will have an opportunity to improve their living conditions. 

Today we have Apis Cor's 3D printing technology, new building materials and a mobile 3D printer to build affordable, eco-friendly houses within a single day, capable of lasting up to 175 years. 

Discover more about how Apis Cor strives to create access to housing for all the people of the world:

Can a house be printed using a 3D printer?


Yes, of course, nowadays it’s quite possible. Construction 3D printers use the same principle as most 3D printers — they create objects by producing horizontal layers of material. Construction ordinarily uses concrete mixture as a material. Using a construction 3D printer it’s possible to print internal and external walls and other vertical wall constructions, foundation formwork, prefabricated monolithic slabs, as well as a variety of different structures and small architectural forms, such as columns. The difference remains only in the printing approach.

So to date, most building 3D printers have been utilizing a portal design and worked in rectangular coordinate systems. Printers of this design are not mobile, print individual sections of walls and buildings, which are then delivered to the construction site and put together like a traditional block building.

Russian engineers have designed the «Apis Cor» mobile construction 3D printer that is easy to transport and which prints the «box» of a house completely on site and is not any different in general characteristics from any other house built according to the traditional technology of construction. After the layered print process is done, the walls are so smooth that they are ready for finishing works right away.

Therefore, building a house can be fast, environmentally friendly and affordable, if we entrust all the difficult work to smart machines and introduce new technologies. A single printer replaces an entire brigade of builders, reduces the time and cost of construction without loss of quality. For this reason, construction 3D printing is a very promising development direction for high technologies.

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