The Corduroy Studio Approach to Landscape Design


More Than Design

Design is the foundation of our services.  The Corduroy Studio is a fresh approach to the design industry.  Our extensive network includes architects, interior designers and engineers. 

Most importantly we look outside our industry for practical alliances.  We believe that the more diverse our partners are the better your project will be. The model has changed, we have changed it.


Project Management

The Corduroy Studio provides comprehensive advice and project management services. We push the envelope. We are practical. We are dedicated to our client’s experience.

Corduroy feels that a project should run smoothly, on time and on budget. This is where simplicity comes into play.  Straight communication and collaboration are critical for success.


Simple Beauty®

We know that our resources are limited and Corduroy’s approach is to promote design innovations, technologies and infrastructure that enhance sustainability and our daily lives. We feel that design should be multi-purpose, modular and interactive. More often than not, real innovations- the kind that will change the way we live- are not a part of great design. 

Corduroy is turning sustainability into design by thoughtfully considering the user, their experience and the impact of the design on the environment.



The top down model created by large scale companies is dead.

Corduroy puts your needs first, then we design Simple Beauty®. We have questioned the status quo and changed how the design industry is working. 

Collaboration. We feel that the best approach to a project is to gather as much outside the box talent as possible. We collaborate in think-tank design charretes and integrate these ideas into our projects. 


Rendering by Adam Newton - Founder, The Corduroy Studio 

How we do It



Understanding is an ongoing process. It happens through each phase of design- Evolutionary idea.


We listen to our clients’ and their needs.  We look at the context of the project and identify areas that through design initiatives can meet the client’s expectations and desires.


Definition is a dynamic part of creation.  Once we identify areas to address we can define how they will work together to compliment the overall theme for the project.


We look to historical, ecological and social indicators for direction in the design process.  The design has to be fresh, invocative and promote sustainability.


Once the design has undergone peer review we put the shovels to the soil.  Corduroy remains involved to insure specifications are met and the design in implemented correctly.

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